Tips & Tricks to Understanding Offsite SEO [2018 edition]

Offsite SEO is the opposite of Onsite SEO. While Onsite SEO requires work from within yourself, Offsite SEO focuses on optimizing your brand’s online and offline footprint through the use of content, relationships and links to create an optimal experience for prospects and engine crawl bots.


According to moz, here is what you need to have:


Natural links:

Natural links are those that happen when other people such as bloggers or web owners link to your content because they have found the content useful for their audience. This overall adds value to the owner and to your site. Natural links help feel the user secure, while ensuring that the content is good.


Manually built links:

This one is the most common type of link-building performed as an SEO. This includes manually reaching out to bloggers, content creators, and website owners and asking them to link your site on their content. This form of of links will help you increase Offsite SEO.


Self-created links:

This type of link is not the best to use. By this I mean posting your link on blog comments, websites etc- but reminding yourself not to spam comments. Remember, you want it to be valuable so it then shows how valuable your website is as a whole. Spamming and adding comments just to drive users to your site will actually decrease your SEO.


Backlink Quality:

Getting links from other websites to your website is the best way to increase your SEO. What makes a backlink have great quality would be having it come from a relevant source, trusted source, a place that sends traffic and a site that has keyword/phrases relevant to your topic. Overall the backlink quality will help increase your site’s ranking and increase SEO.


On this blog post really helps one have a better understanding of this topic.


3 Quick Tips on Improving Offsite SEO?

  1. Bringing guest bloggers on your site will help you bring value and another crowd to your site.
  2. Another trick is social media marketing. When you have great social media marketing, it would drive traffic to your site and allow people to view your content to reuse for their own.
  3. Commenting on sites that have similar content as yours will help drive people to your site. This trick is very well known to those who are Offsite SEO experts. With having comments on places such as blogs, websites, and other relevant places, it will increase your website SEO in no time.

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