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PS- also known as Paid Search is a way for businesses to appear on Google Search results (genius?, I know). Businesses who end up using Paid Search, end up getting either more traffic or nothing at all. When it comes to paid search there are a couple options a business or person can take. Now you might wonder if you pay millions of dollars you’ll be ranked #1 on the google search results? Well, you are highly mistaken. It takes more than a high bid for you to be #1. One must have a good quality score which makes up of a CTR (click through rate), landing page experience and ad relevance.


Expected Click Through Rate

According to Google, the expected click through rate is the rate “at which ad viewers will click through from [one’s] ads to [another’s] landing page.” It acknowledges the performance of one’s keyword from the position of the ad. The statuses that can result are average, above average, or below average. This measurement is beneficial for one to highlight what keywords are useful for the visibility of the ad. If the ad status is below average, then one will know that the ad needs to be altered for it to gain prominence.


Landing Page Experience

According to Google, landing page experience is the evaluation of how important and beneficial one’s website’s landing page will be to the audience that chooses the ad. It is recommended to make a landing page coherent, user-friendly, and closely-related to one’s keyword. This will help the customer get to what he or she is looking for. The examination of a good or bad experience can help the ad creator adjust whatever is needed to be altered for better customer-experience and use.


Ad Relevance

According to Google, ad relevance partakes in the Quality Score which is a numeric measurement that Google uses to estimate how useful the ad, keyword, and webpages are to a customer. For instance, when the status is either above average or average it initiates that the there are not serious complications with the keyword. On the other hand, if the status is below average that signifies that the keyword is not coherent and not useful to customers.


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