Keyword Research 101

Using keywords is something we do all day long. Have you ever gone on Google and looked up a word in the search engine? Well chances are that you have and chances are that you could have used better words to help you make things easier than ever. Maybe you wanted to purchase something and ended up in the wrong page and wondered just why? Sometimes we end up browsing through many pages till we find what we actually need. This is where digital marketers chime in and KEYWORDS are brought to our attention. 

It is my time to now tell you what exactly you are missing gout on. Keywords are ultimately very crucial when it comes to driving traffic to a certain site. When it comes to websites, using the right keywords can make or break your website. When it comes to keywords, the word needs relevance to the topic and also needs relevance to the site. You can always get users to your site, but it’s a matter of having the right users that matters. If you are trying to sell red shoes, having the keyword shoes will not help get to your page. However if the product were red shoes but a women’s style- the keyword “red women’s shoes” might do the trick.


You now might ask, how do you judge the keyword?

The worth of the word has a lot to do with relevance to the site.  Some questions to ask yourself in determining the keyword would be:

  • Does this bring value to my site?
  • Does the keyword guide the user to the right location to my site?
  • Will they be satisfied if the keyword lands them to my page?
  • Will this keyword increase financial goals and or traffic to my site?

If you answered yes to all these questions chances are you picked a great keyword and are headed in the right direction. If no, then try to think where you went wrong. Are you targeting the right people? Are you targeting the topic? Are there any better words to  use?


By reevaluating and rethinking the words, it can change a lot of logistics on your end- so choose wisely.


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