Benefits of Programmatic Display Advertising

Programmatic display advertising can be difficult to understand and honestly at times can get confusing. First off, programmatic display advertising is the automation of buying/selling of display, videos, and mobile ads usually using real-time bidding. According to, I came across five beneficial facts that I found useful for programmatic display advertising. Below are the five benefits I found that could help you too:

  1. Increased transparency
    1. Advertisers can truly see what and where their advertisements are reaching- while understanding who the customers are (location etc). Because of this, transparency is increased and advertisers get a better feel of the success behind their work.  
  2. Real-time measurement
    1. Programmatic display advertising provides the ability to measure the creativity, campaign and overall target.
  3. Greater efficiency
    1. Overall, advertisers get better number in this sense. They truly can understand whats happening and why their advertisements are the way they are.
  4. Greater targeting capabilities
    1. One can have the ability to track IP addresses and make it possible to understand IP targeting. Along with this, retargeting is used.
  5. Increased audience reach
    1. The audience reach is probably one of the biggest benefits. Seriously, people are always on the internet and because of this display advertising can help reach too. Although it filters target audience, location, etc.. it is cool to know that the audience reach is broader than you can imagine.


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